Sunday, March 30, 2014

Designer Chair Inspired Miniature

Today's project draws inspiration from the creative genius of world-renowned designer Kevin Cobonpue. From one of his television interviews, according to him, he takes much of his inspiration from nature. His creations are known for their organic elements in both design and material, and for their exemplary craftmanship.

It may relieve you to know however that no weaving will be required for this diy miniature project; just hot glue, a bunch of floral wires and a cork or two will do.
Things needed are: floral wires, 1 or more corks, washers, a pair of scissors, glue gun.
(1) ~ (2) Cut Floral wires to desired length, about 3.5"-~4" is suggested. (3) Hot glue wires to the cork in batches. (4) Attach washer to the base of the cork as stand.
 For practical purposes, this miniature may also be used as a place card holder. You may experiment with other materials to go with the floral wires or tweak up the design a bit, like say by twisting the wires or something like that. Inspiration sure begets inspiration, so thank you gifted designers for enriching the world with your creativity and innovativeness.

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