Friday, August 11, 2017

How to Make A Shadow Puppet

August is that time of year when Filipinos celebrate Buwan ng Wika which literally means Language Month. Because of the multitude of dialects used across the country it is but fitting to acknowledge and celebrate having a national language that unifies us in many ways.

Schools during this time would be alive with various activities especially competitions on declamation, essay-writing, slogan / poster-making and storytelling all using the National Language-Filipino.

One interesting way to make a storytelling piece come alive is to use shadow puppets. Here I list some tips on how to make a shadow puppet.

 But first, here are the materials needed:
   ~ cardboard/illustration board or any carton sturdy enough.
   ~ colored cellophanes/ a.k.a. candy wrappers
   ~ glue/ scotch tape
   ~ stick/wooden handle
   ~ pencil
   ~ pair of scissors
   ~ craft knife

How to Make a Shadow Puppet

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