Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DIY Fruit and Veggies Hats from Paper Boat, Part II

Need to come up with a fancy hat right away, say a fruit or a vegetable one? Here's a fast, green and economical option: start  by folding  a paper boat.

(For Part I of this post that featured a watermelon, pineapple, corn and a leafy veg hat, click here.)

 Now you are ready to create as many fruit and veggies hats you can think of.

You only need your imagination along with some crepe, tissue or multi-colored papers to dress up your hat and rise to  the occasion. Here is an example on how to decorate a tomato hat. For more illustrations on this tomato hat click here.

(1) To put a fruit stem, roll a green paper, make several cuts from one end to make flaps to glue on the top of the hat.
(2) Glue the crepe paper from the inside of the rim.
(3) Cover the whole hat with the crepe paper, fold excess paper in and glue at the root of the stem.
(4) Cut sepals from green paper and attach.

Modify color of hat and stem, size and shape of sepal or leaf to come up with various fruit and veggies hat. Here are some ideas for inspiration:
Orange Paper Hat
Carrot Paper Hat~ for step by step instructions click here.
Mango Paper Hat
Squash Paper Hat
Strawberry Paper Hat


  1. Very nice tutorial, thank you! May I ask, how big is the original piece of paper you have to fold to get a nice size for a child 's hat? I would love to know as I need to make 60 hats!!! Thank you once more!

    1. Hi Irini, the paper I used is called cartolina here in the Philippines which has the size of 22.5" x 28.5", that makes a good hat for an adult by the way...for children I cut about 2 inches off the width which makes 20.5 x 28.5 inches just the right size for a child's head. Wow 60 hats, that would be really colorful. Please feel free to email me for other questions at


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