Saturday, April 19, 2014

Red, Black and White Infant Mobile

 According to research, young babies' eyes are attracted to high contrast patterns and in colors red, black and white. Mobiles designed with that in mind grab their visual attention, promote brain development, keep their mind in pursuit while getting their diapers changed for instance and will therefore work very much to your advantage.

 This is the high contrast pattern mobile I made for my infant son few years ago. I've no sewing patterns or step-by-step guide to offer this time but only some ideas for inspiration.

All stuffed shapes here is hand stitched. I already have red and white fabric from previous projects but was out of black so I cut from an extra black shopping bag instead.




Rainbow, Moon, Heart and Sun

Lady Bug

To hold everything together I made this round frame below out of  2 pieces corrugated board about a foot in diameter.

It was then covered in cloth ribbon after every string was attached.

An infant mobile basically made out of scratch.

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