Sunday, July 30, 2017

Nature's Objet d'art: Coconut Stalk Flower Craft

A little dressing up is all it takes to turn dried coconut stalks headed for the compost heap into sculptural objet d'art home decor.
It's easy to notice that this part of the coconut stalk very much resembles a flower, when dried it looks sculptural just as it is. So with a little bit of furnishing and elements of bling I tried to work up something on a couple of dried coconut stalks that I found.

A. Prepping up
 After cutting excess part at the back portion, smooth the center with any blunt tool and wipe off dust with a soft cloth.

B. Materials
Materials I have on hand are thick wood glue and glossy beads but any materials for embellishment will do just as well like little pearls, sequins or crystals.

Bedazzling from the inner core, I worked my way outward and chose to leave the 'petals' unpainted to retain the rustic look.

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