Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Satin and Tulle Topiary

 DIY a frilly but simple-to-make satin and tulle topiary from scratch.
This will make a beautiful wedding centerpiece and will add a subtle romantic touch to the occasion.

To make a satin flower ~

You will need:
  • satin fabric
  • candle
  • hot glue
  • pearls,beads or accent gems

  • Cut satin into several sized circles.
  • Cut 5 or more snips in one circle to create a ring of petals.
  • Melt the edges by carefully burning slightly over flame.
  • Add a drop of hot glue in the center of each petal pinching carefully underneath.
  • Hot glue the different petal layers together.
  • Add a shiny accent piece.

To make an improvised  topiary stand ~

You will need:
  • sturdy stick~ bamboo or any wood
  • cement~quantity depends on number of stands to make
  • plastic cup with cover
  • paper with decorative print or colorful tissue paper
  • gold paint spray (optional)
  • metallic wire twist tie

  • Spray-paint stick.
  • Mix cement and pour into plastic cup.
  • Using a craft knife, cut an x on the cup cover.
  • Insert stick through hole.
  • Stick in cup with cement, let stand.
  • Remove cup cover when cement mixture stabilizes and bamboo stick can stand on its own.
  • Attach ball of paper scraps at the top of stick.
Special Note: Using paper scraps in place of styro-ball is more economical and kind to our environment.

  • When completely dry, cover cement part with matching decorative print or colorful tissue papers.

Cutting the Tulle Fabric~
  • Cut tulle into strips of about 2" x 14".
  • Fold repeatedly crosswise by about 2 inches wide (per fold).
  • Trim with a half-round curve shape (or you may want a v-shape).
  • Unfold tulle, never mind imperfections.
Final touch: assemblage~
  • Gather bottom edge of tulle strip by running a needle and thread through, pressing tulle to the end of the thread till both side edges of the fabric meet creating a flower shape, secure thread with several overlapping knots.
  • Hot glue one tulle flower onto the bottom of one satin flower.
  • Attach the fabric flowers onto the scrap paper ball with hot glue till it's completely covered.

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