Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scraft-o-Toy: a 2-Seater Paper Cup Dining Set

Hi folks, today is a fine day to present to you Scraft-o-Toys by Craftventure Time.

 For our very first toy set we begin by taking an empty paper cup, 

like this candy colored cup of everybody's favorite iced coffee into
something like that pictured above.

After cleaning the takeout cup thoroughly, cut across just above the 
logo or a little below the middle section. Take the bottom part and cut 
midway through. Viola! a 2 seater dining set toy in as little as 2 mins.

But we can take it a little further by cutting a squarish hole on the 
'front' and 'back' of the table and attaching each with clear tape
on the two 'dining seats'. 
But why stop there, when it can be turned into an outdoor dining set
by including the straw and attaching a makeshift umbrella.

~Here are more product shots, hmmm...~
We believe in the magic of play. 

Let play fill in most of the hours of your favorite child/ children in the whole world.

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