Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mini Ice Cream Parlor Set

Dollhouse furniture-making can be a very engaging hobby. It dates back to centuries past when rich housewives (and everyone else) didn't have thrilling TV series to consume their time with. It can also be a great bonding activity for mother-daughter tandems~ so it would be wise to save some tricks up your sleeves from time to time.

Two major things this project needs is a trio of champagne cork cages and a rope. But if you have an old, outdated and worn braided rope belt you are ready to discard away with any minute- well hold on a second...always think recycling, it is kind to our environment.

You'll Need:
  • 3 or more cork cages
  • rope or an old braided rope belt
  • a bottle cap
  • some wires
  • strong undiluted white glue
  • a piece of cardboard
  • a pair of scissors
  • some wire tools
  • a glue gun/ glue stick
  • a black marker


  ~for the chair
  1. First take out the cap and the separate bottom wire off the champagne cork cage.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of extra wire with lengths of about 6" each.
  3. Bend to form 2 mirror image of the pieces that would resemble the back support of an ice cream parlor chair.
  4. Attach the two wires together by twisting, now they are one piece.
  5. Attach this to the cork cage.
  6. This is optional: replace a new wire at the bottom part of the cork cage; most ice cream parlor chairs have this part. 
  7. For a slick finish, cover the completed chair frame with a 'coat' of black marker.

 ~for the table
  1. Take out the cap and the separate bottom wire off another champagne cork cage.
  2. To elevate the table, hot glue a bottle cap on top of the cork cage.
  3. Cut 2 small and 1 large proportionate circles on a piece of cardboard.
  4. Coil the end of rope by itself in a small circle then start glue-ing at the center of a cardboard piece winding round and round till it's fully covered.
  5. Secure the other end of the rope at the back of the cardboard.
    This is how the set would look after the 'seats' and the table board have been attached:

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