Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Butterfly Decor from Paper Umbrella

The holiday season is over and so is the string of parties, family gatherings and dinners. You've probably got your hand on a paper umbrella in one of your drinks. Here's another way of using parasol picks to decorate a future party, because one can never plan early enough. 

(1-2) Pull the tiny rubber band up to fully open the umbrella, (3-4) make 3 cuts toward the center with 3-2-3 umbrella spine intervals (paper umbrellas have 8 spines). Mind which two umbrella spines to assign as the butterfly's antennae (as most of these are irregularly spaced).

(5) Carefully tear paper where 'antennae' spines are projected, trim antennae to proportionate length. (6) Cut curve at the sides where the two lower wings are supposed to be, you can also cut the tiny part of the spines that peek at the sides. (7) Cut the wooden pick right below the band. (8) Decorate with them anyway you like: make a wall statement by using a double-sided mounting tape; or string them together to make a dainty garland.

Very simple to make, craftventure your way to these butterfly's papery transformation.

Here's to a colorful year ahead.

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