Monday, September 8, 2014

Ancient Sword Prop

All throughout the internet are a thousand and one ways to come up with a pretend sword or weapon of some sort. Being someone who has been fascinated with sword fights in movies, I found my son's need for a prop blade to be an opportunity for me to (likewise) pretend to be ~ a sword-smith.;D
A prop weapon inspired by a traditional Filipino sword the talibong.
 I practically did not spend a thing for this project. For the 'blade' I used a thin but sturdy PVC material that I covered with a silver paper salvaged from a chocolate box packaging.

You had only need to look around to find PVC on used folder, clear book or notebook covers and other office supplies. I found it better than using corrugated board because it is thinner and stronger and much easier to draw from sheath if ever your prop sword would require one.

For the sheath and handle I used corrugated board covered with paper and decorated with aluminum inner milk-can seal with pressed-in design to resemble engraved metal. A heat glue gun should easily hold all the materials together.

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