Friday, August 16, 2013

Cars Birthday

Some ideas to add personalized touches to your kid's Cars themed birthday party, enjoy!

Lightning McQueen Expressions Lollipops

Materials Needed:
  •  lollipops
  •  red candy wrapper
  • photosticker paper
  • black pen

Double-wrap the lollipops in red candy wrapper. Draw several Lightning McQueen eye expressions on photosticker paper, then cut and stick on the lollipops.

Plastic Cup Trophy


Materials Needed:
  •  a 6-liter plastic water-bottle or any container wide enough for the "cup"
  •  400 ml water-bottle for the trophy's "body"
  • any round old food container or ice cream tub with lid for the stand
  • styrofoam or sturdy board for the wings
  • gold spray paint
  • gold glitters (optional)
  • hot glue

Cut the upper portion of the 6-liter water-bottle and score a hole into your ice cream tub large enough for regular-sized bottle to fit in. Assemble these materials using hot glue. Make the wings using styrofoam or any sturdy board. You might need to cut or slit the sides of the "cup" to insert and fit the wings. When everything's glued securely, spray with gold paint. 

Cars Candy Cake

Materials Needed:
  •  cookie tins in various sizes or any round old food containers
  •  double-sided tape (the thin type)
  • candies and chocolates
  • cling wrap or candy wrap (optional) to protect container from the adhesive

Apply double-sided tape all around the side of the cookie tin. Attach the candies neatly. Cover the top with candies too and /or put another tier. Decorate.

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