Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh Soo Tree Painting

That Winter the Wind Blows' Oh Soo Tree Painting inspired art.

The first episode of the Korean TV drama series That Winter the Wind Blows featured a beautiful but desolate painting of a leafless and dry tree. In the final episode however, the camera caught an almost the same tree painting but this time in its full sweetest bloom.

This project is a miniature version of the final ep tree using nail colors as medium for a sparkly decorative effect.

Materials needed:
  • nail colors
  • glass or acetate
  • foil or specialty paper


First, place the glass or transparency/acetate sheet over a sketch of the reverse image.

Since this mini-diversion uses the reverse glass painting technique~ start by rendering the foreground elements of the design, in this case~ the tree blossoms and the color highlights of the tree trunk.

Work your way towards the middle layer or the actual color of the tree trunk.

You might want to emphasize some portion of the tree's outline by using a fine-tipped black marker.

Paint a thin, transparent coat of nail polish paint for the ground.

Put a pretty specialty paper or foil underneath the finished glass or transparency/acetate sheet.  

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