Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Corn Husk Picture Frames

Decorate for zero cost~ make shabby, bohemian picture frames out of dried corn husk.
 If you're committed to reducing wastes and you're up for a crafty challenge, here's a chance to fill your wall for nothing. Have some of your beloved pictures laminated, attach coils of braided corn husks around the borders, mount them up and voila, you got yourself a happy wall in place of an empty space.

Basically, these are the supplies and materials needed: corn husks, cardboard, a pair of scissors, glue gun and mounting tape; but the first thing that needs to be done is to make the coils of braided corn husks.

 Approximately, a 6" piece of braided corn husk can make a one-inch diameter coil.
1- Make a knot at one end of the piece of husk,
2- tear it into three strands
3-and braid. Tie up the other end.
4-Glue down the initial knot at the center of a cut round cardboard
5-coil the braid
6-and glue down the other end at the back of the cardboard.

Make as many coils as needed, depending on the size and number of your laminated pictures. If you prefer some colors, you can soak the husks in watercolor before drying them.

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