Friday, August 4, 2017

Wire Wrapped Stone: How I Did It Myself

DIY wire wrapped, semi-polished stone and a story that comes along.
During a stop-over in one of our road trips I found a rough, translucent stone on the ground. It was just raw beauty.  I took it home, looked at it from time to time wondering what I'd do with it. Then one day, I decided to take it to my own hands to polish it. Although I didn't have the tools, I do have the will power.

 I sanded it with white sandpaper, I buffed it with sand then washed dust away with water and soft-bristled brush and buffed even more with soft cloth till eventually~

                    it went from this                                        to this.                            
The next step is wrapping it with wire. So here is my beginner attempt to do so~
It was too large to use as pendant for a necklace so I attached it to a bag zipper instead...and now I can carry it whenever, wherever.

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